Thermostats & Controls

At DHC Comfort, we're always looking for ways to make life easier for our customers so they can focus on what they do best which is why we offer Honeywell Thermostats. Honeywell is the most recognized, number one choice of homeowners. We have more solutions now that allow you to customize your home to how you want it. We offer the both programmable and non programmable options for your convenience.

Programmable Thermostats

Using a programmable thermostat is one of the smartest and simplest ways to trim heating and cooling costs. If used as directed, they can save you big money - up to 30% on annual heating and cooling costs. What's more is that many utility and public service companies offer additional rebates for homeowners who install programmable thermostats that meet Energy Star Guidelines.

Prestige Zoning System

Control heating and cooling comfort where you want it, when you want it. With a Honeywell Prestige Zoning System, you won't be heating empty rooms or over-cooling one area in order to cool another. Zoning is a comfortable, energy-efficient way to enjoy the temperature you want in every room. Think of it as controlling your heating and cooling the same way you control your lights.

NEW! Total Connect Comfort Services 

Gives you access to remotely monitor and manage your heating and cooling system - at anytime, from anywhere - through your PC, smart phone or tablet device. Total Connect is supported by RedLINK wireless technology from Honeywell. Once installed by DHC Comfort, simply go online to register your account and customize your system alert settings. Whether you care controlling your home, vacation home, franchise business or investment property, Total Connect keeps you connected.

VisionPro IAQ 

Control comfort and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) throughout your entire home with Honeywell's VisionPRO IAQ Total Home Comfort System. This is a 7-Day, Touch Screen that eliminates the need for multiple controls in your living space, by managing your home's temperature, humidification, dehumidification, ventilation, and air filtration - all from a single effortless touchscreen control.

FocusPro 6000

With the ability to control up to two heating and two cooling stages, the easily-programmed FocusPro 6000 provides precise control and the ability to display actual temperature and set temperature simultaneously. The FocusPro 6000 also is made with a built in safety-switch ensuring your home will never get too hot or too cold.

Non Programmable Thermostats

If you are in your home most of the day, a non programmable thermostat is most likely the better option. Being inside your home often means you probably don't need a thermostat with the ability to change temperatures constantly. Also, non programmable are the easiest of all to adjust temperatures saving you a headache.

FocusPro 5000

Honeywell's FocusPro 5000 is a digital, non-programmable thermostat that is offered in standard and large size display. The FocusPro 5000 offers the perfect blend of features, performance, energy savings and value. It prominently displays both room temperature and set temperature making this model very easy to read.