Cooling Systems

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At DHC Comfort, we strive to deliver the comfort you and your family expect. Rest assured knowing you'll get the same commitment to high quality craftsmanship from every air conditioner that bears the American Standard name. After all, you can't have a higher standard of comfort without first having a higher standard of quality. We use cooling systems that aren't just built to be comfortable and efficient, they're also built to last. From the high quality materials and innovative features to the durable construction, each air conditioner is designed to give you long lasting comfort, reliability and efficiency. 

As with all air conditioners, pay special attention to the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating of the system you select for your home, office or studio. This rating dictates your annual energy savings. High-efficiency air conditioners start at a seasonal energy efficiency ratio of 16. Over the life of the equipment, the higher SEER rated systems will gain you substantial energy savings over systems with a lower SEER rating. 

Heat Pumps

Cool, crisp air in the summer. Gentle, welcoming heat in the winter. Reliability and efficiency every day of the year. DHC Comfort provides American Standard heat pumps that are your solution to a more comfortable home, and more efficient energy consumption. This versatile system has the ability to heat and cool your home year-round.

Heat pumps look nearly identical to an air conditioner, but do a lot more. When making your heat pump decision, also look for the SEER rating of the system you select for your home, office or studio to help save you energy and money. 


Air conditioners and heat pumps both use refrigerant, or freon, to help cool or heat your home, office or studio. Below are the two main kinds, R22 and R410A. 

R22 has been the standard refrigerant for years. As of 2010, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), put a limit on the production of R-22, and now, a stop on the production of HVAC units that use R-22. This has caused prices to sky-rocket to already 3 times the price it was just a few years ago.

R410A, called by some brands PURON, is the newer replacement refrigerant for R22. This refrigerant is newer and can cause major problems if installed improperly. All of DHC Comfort's technicians have been certified to work with R410A and have continuing training to ensure it’s proper installation. With us, you know what you're paying for!